I'm a fantasy artist working with all different types of media. I love connecting people to the divine myths by bringing form to myths and legends from all over the world.

Top 5 Youtubers to learn Art from

Top 5 Youtubers to learn Art from

I love youtube because its chock-full of brilliant artists all sharing their knowledge and helping others become artists too. Here are my top 5!

Will Terry

Will is a lovely children's book artist who shares his knowledge of the publishing world as well as holding interviews with lots of working artists.

Jeff Watts

Jeff runs an atelier in the USA and puts out these wonderfully long workshop videos. I watch them over and over again because they are so full of fantastic information on everything.

Lachri Fine Art

Lisa puts out a video almost every day and works 80+ hours a week to bring top quality knowledge about everything art related. She does reviews as well as Live painting sessions. I highly recommend you sub! 

One Fantastic Week

OMGs! So many interviews with so many wonderful artists! They also cover what its like to do Cons, as they show at them themselves. Great info for the working artist!

Leilani Joy

Leilani is just a peach to watch. She's so lovely and honest about what it takes to be a professional artist and she loves to share her process.

Bonus ones I just really love watching for their great content:

Mural Joe

This guy knows how to paint and he does it BIG!

Marie Forleo

Great channel for business and personal growth advice. Marie is bubbly, genuine and makes you feel like you're having a lovely personal chat. Go check it out for general life advice.

Philip DeFranco

Kind of a news show, but just one guys personal opinion on current events. Phil does a great job of covering things that mainstream media isn't covering and also talking about things that are on peoples minds. He also does funny segments of news that you just have to see!

* Credit where its due: Image on the header/thumbnail credited to Marty Haddig from flickr.

I've moved to Washington USA!

I've moved to Washington USA!

Video vlog #1

Video vlog #1